Customer Comments

Please see a few comments that I’ve received from some of my customers:-

“I have now received the finished portrait of Tilly and Tuppence, our two fabulous black labs. I’m so happy with it – Marie you have totally captured them. Thank you for making this very special Christmas present for my husband. Your professionalism and attention to detail, not to mention your wish to create the best possible portrait for us, has been wonderful. Thank you! Best wishes for the future, from Gail x
PS: I shall send a pic of the portrait once framed and on the wall. x”

Gail Gosney (portrait of Tilly & Tuppence)


“Just to say a big thank you Marie for my jaguar portrait, it’s far better than the work in progress shows I can and will recommend you at all my friends and family ”
Once again thanks.

Robert Washington (portrait of the Jaguar)

“Hi Marie,  just to say Thank you so much for our fab portrait.  We are so pleased with her.  The service you gave was brilliant.  It was great having the updates on Facebook.  I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting an animal portrait.  And I am happy for potential customers to contact me for a reference too.”

Wendy & Alun Edwards (portrait of Poppy)

Howard here Marie,
Our “Viz” arrived yesterday and is back home safe and sound!
Please feel free to count on us as one of your BEST references as we could not be happier with the portrait that you’ve completed for us! The photo you had posted of the completed work did NOT do it justice! You are an exceptionally talented lady and so very fortunate to be in a position to operate a successful business doing something that you LOVE while at the same time sharing your talent, making others very happy.
Thank you again, not just for the wonderful portrait, but for your special attention to detail and personal attention. We look forward to staying in touch and working with you again on other “projects”.

Howard Thornton with Chamois Sami Thornton (portrait of Queen Viz)

“Marie did 2 portraits of my 2 terriers which were excellent. They look so real, both are getting on in years but she was able to create a true likeness of each of them even down to their grey muzzles. Highly recommended.”

Mrs B Stout, Co. Durham (portraits of Kizzy & Jilly)

“Marie produced a portrait of my two cats from a selection of photos and the way she captured their true likeness and all the subtle markings was incredible. The framed picture held pride of place in our bedroom until we moved abroad and it is one of the few personal belongings to come with us. Highly recommended. ”

Dave Morley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“Marie has done portraits of both my English Springer Spaniels, and they are truly magnificent. Since having them done, I’ve looked at other pet portrait artists at various Game fairs, etc and I can honestly say that the portraits Marie has done are far superior to any others I’ve seen.”

Stephen Hall, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham (portrait of Moss)

“Marie’s portrait of Robbie was drawn from a photograph we had taken a few years before he died. She has drawn him perfectly! The likeness is unbelievable – she’s brought him back to life for us. The detail in her drawings is superb, I cannot praise her enough. Thank you so much. I have no hesitation in recommending Marie to other pet owners.”

Mrs J Arnold, Co. Durham (portrait of Robbie)

“I asked Marie to do a portrait of my Boxer dog, Ellie, who we sadly lost at Easter. I thought that Marie may struggle with the photographs I had sent her. When I got the portrait I could not believe the true likeness and how much the picture resembled my beloved Boxer dog. I was moved to tears as the portrait looked so real. I feel like I have Ellie back watching over me and would like to thank Marie so much for all the work that went into it. I am going to tell the world about her work! ”

Mrs J Shaw, Co. Durham (portrait of Ellie)

“Marie has drawn a super picture of Zak and caught his personality perfectly. We lost him a couple of years ago at the age of 17 and Marie managed to work with not the best of photos of when he was younger. We now have two young labradors and I will be asking Marie to draw them when they are a little older. ”

Mr J Keighley, Co. Durham (portrait of Zak)


“James didn’t believe it was a drawn portrait, he thinks it’s very good!” “Fantastic, brilliant, very good likeness to photo – are other comments”. One person said “Jesus Christ that’s really good!!”. They all think he’s very sweet.”

Mrs A Pearson, Co. Durham (portrait of Sam)

“Marie did a portrait of our dog Archie it was outstanding, the likeness was unbelievable. Thank you for a wonderful keepsake. We highly recommend Marie to everybody. Once again thank you very much . ”

Joanne & Adam , Co. Durham (portrait of Archie)

Just to say many thanks for the brilliant job you did on Rebel – everyone who’s seen it thinks its lovely and catches his likeness exactly – hopefully you’ll get some extra commissions from our friends.
As you know the drawing was for my dad’s 80th birthday and he was delighted, he said “Its fantastic you couldn’t have bought me a better or more thoughtful present”.

Paul & Carole Russel , Co. Durham (portrait of Rebel)

My family commissioned a portrait of Sonny as a surprise for my 50th Birthday.  When I saw the completed drawing I just could not believe the likeness, it is so detailed and his personality really shows too.  I want to thank Marie for creating such a wonderful keepsake.  I will definitely be recommending her to family and friends.

Kathleen Tennick, Co. Durham (portrait of Sonny)

Marie was commisioned by my wife to draw my four dogs 2 past 2 present (Tia, Tess, Rigger and Gypsy) as a surprise present for Christmas. What a great present it turned out to be, the likeness of the drawing of the four dogs to the actual dogs is stunning, she has even captured the character of the dogs. Thank you for a wonderful keepsake which I will always cherish. I would highly recommend Marie and will be using Marie’s skills again myself.

Roy Hillery, Co. Durham (portrait of 4 Dogs – Tia, Tess, Rigger & Gypsy)

The portrait that you have done of our Welsh Cobb Stallion, Brynithon Royal Knight is brilliant. It was done as a surprise Christmas present and it was a surprise, it was like looking at Knight in the flesh! I will definitely have some more portraits done by you and I will recommend you to friends and family.

Carl Nee, North Yorkshire (portrait of Brynithon Royal Knight)

“Marie captured Crystal totally in her portrait. It is awesome!!!! Waited a long time to find someone who could draw a portrait like that – thank you Marie… are truly gifted”

Liz & Lynda (portrait of Crystal)

“Marie recently finished a drawing of our dear little Suki, a whippet x greyhound.  We had to make the devastating decision to have her put down in February, & my mum was distraught so the drawing was a gift for her, and Marie took it on with real sincerity and understanding of how special this little dog was to my mum.  When I received the finished piece, I was in tears! But I thought she looked fantastic.  I couldn’t believe how perfect it was, even down to the little spots on Suki’s legs, Marie had got her “spot on” quite literally!  On my mum’s birthday, she could barely hold back the tears when she opened up the box and saw Suki basking on the sofa, as she always was!  My mum was completely overwhelmed but absolutely delighted with it – she will treasure it forever.  I would not hesitate to recommend Marie!”

Sue Pooley, Hampshire (portrait of Suki)

“This pet portrait was commissioned as a birthday present and it was one of the best gifts I have ever had!  Bronson was brought into our family 3 years ago as a rescue dog and we could not believe our luck at getting such a handsome chap with a divine nature – qualities which are captured so beautifully by Marie.  Already recommending this talented lady to friends and family alike. “

Anne Anderson, Montrose, Scotland (portrait of Bronson)

“Thanks for drawing such a beautiful picture of my puppy Bailey. I cant believe how well she has been drawn from the picture you were given. Also thanks for adding in all the background, I know this must have taken you quite a while to do, with all the different colours etc. I’m looking forward to framing it and putting it up in the living room. Everybody that I’ve shown it to loves it and can’t believe the likeness.. “

Michelle Lampey, Essex (portrait of Bailey)

“Marie did a fantastic portrait of our beloved dog Sam who we lost last October aged 14, neither my husband or myself are the best photographers in the world but somehow Marie managed to capture Sam perfectly from the many different photos we sent her. Sam’s picture will now have pride of place on our living room wall, I cannot thank Marie enough and will certainly recommend her to anyone wishing to have a portrait done of their pet. (Julie Christie, South Shields, Tyne and Wear) “

Julie Christie, South Shields, Tyne and Wear (portrait of Sam, 2009)

“Marie has done a portrait of my two sharpeis, she has drawn them perfectly, so lifelike. I can’t praise her enough and would highly recommend her work. Thank you so much Marie. “

Russ & Carole, County Durham (portrait of Chan & Dexter 2010)

“As an artist myself I think it’s one of the best animal pictures I’ve seen, Marie has really captured Breannan perfectly and everybody that’s seen it says wow that’s Breannan without me telling them. “

Jeff Astle, Chichester (portrait of Breannan 2011)

When I searched for portraits online I came across many high profile ones, some expensive, some quite cheap. Then I came to Marie’s website. Now, it was different than all the others; it was subtle, which is a grabber for me. Everything was easy to find and I had no problem finding the prices. What really impressed me, of course, were the portraits. After being on all these high-profile websites that are arrogantly expensive, Marie’s portraits were the best I’d seen – really! A picture really does tell you a thousand words, and in this case it said to me, “Give it a go!”

It’s essential to gain a customer’s trust, to keep in contact with them, especially online where you feel like the person may run off with your money. I was worried this would happen to me. When I emailed Marie for a quote, I got a reply within 2 hours, which was brilliant, (I had contacted others; some replied after a week, others never at all). She was/is very sweet, down to the point and devoted to giving you a portrait that you feel content with. We discussed prices, size, pencils, pastels, payment methods, etc. There was a genuine enthusiasm in every one of her emails. She would also give you recommendations, which believe me, you’ll want to know. It took a little less than a month before I received my portrait, and she always kept me updated.

Marie let me see a preview of the portrait and of course I loved it. She asked if I wanted changes done, which is really astonishing if you think about it, because most artists on the internet that I have contacted would have drawn it and sent it without considering if I liked it or not. I needed nothing changed; I thought she had done a perfect job. Perfect probably doesn’t even come close to what I felt she had done. After I said I was happy, I paid for the portrait.

Packaging and Postage:
You would think because she lived in Cyprus it would take a week or even two weeks for the portrait to reach you, but in fact it took 3 days – that’s right, three! Some may think, quick postage, bad packaging, but you’d be wrong. The packaging was carefully constructed, and so protected I felt very contented with the level of care that was put into it. There were no bends, scratches, etc, and the portrait was wrapped up extremely well.

Gift Package:
I never knew that I would be getting a gift package, so I was utterly surprised. My gift bag consisted of bookmarks, cards, little photos of my portrait, etc. I was thrilled to bits and so surprised of this extra benefit!

Yes, this is probably the part you really want to read about, but I do believe all of the above is highly important. With Marie I got a dedicated service, not just a portrait. The portrait is phenomenal. No exaggeration. It looks like my dog, but with a portrait feeling too, which is of course why I wanted it! It was a gift for my mum, because she adores our dog very much, and when she saw it she burst into tears. “Beautiful,” she said, “it’s beautiful.” Needless to say, we went out and bought a picture frame right away because she couldn’t wait to hang it up. My granddad, who by the way worked in the artist industry drawing buildings of such complexity and getting paid to do it, took one look at it and said, and I quote, “It’s exquisite. For someone to draw this with pastels is probably the hardest thing to do, and yet she makes it seem easy. It’s exceptional.” I can’t say I disagree. My Nan now wants me to get one done of our two dogs who passed away years ago, so hopefully soon I will be able to ask Marie to do that for me.

I have had a portrait of a dog done before online around 3 years ago. The service was lousy and they must have sent me only one email to say “pay here”. 3 months after purchasing I finally received the portrait and it was nothing like the website made it out to be. Sure, it was good, but it was bent and the pencil had smudged, and it didn’t really look like my pet. Marie, as you can see from my review, is all the things you want … no, need in a pet artist. You’re NOT just paying for a portrait; you are paying for commitment and someone who takes great care in creating your dream portrait.

Overall Impression:
10/10. I have never been so impressed with a portrait before. There is so much heart and care put into my drawing that it makes it all the more wonderful. I am so, so grateful to Marie. I want everyone to know about her and I will be telling everyone about her. If you want a committed service, a portrait to cherish for years and years to come, and a beautifully illustrated drawing of your dear, dear pet, then Marie is the one to contact.

Our Eevee means so much to us and we dearly love her as part of our family. So for all you have done to immortalise her, saying thank you will never suffice, but because there are no other words of gratitude I can think of, all I can say is thank you so much from the deepest and sincerest depths of our hearts, Marie. You have made a family very happy – and of course Eevee who is now very proud of her good looks.”

Giselle Simlett, Doncaster (portrait of Eevee 2011)

” My very first look at Sundance’s portrait took my breath away. It is truly amazing.
How lucky we all are to have someone like Marie. Our pets may not live forever but their portraits do.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marie for Sundance’s portrait I will always treasure it.
With Kind Regards, Chris Parsons OBE”

Chris Parsons OBE (Portrait of Sundance, 2013)